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Hanas Group is a diverse energy solutions company that manages over 1.6 billion USD in assets. Its core business integrated the provision of wind, solar-thermal and distributed advance green power. With its own specialized technology of transferrable energy including LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and CCHP, the company has continued expanding into different geographic segments. The original, limited business infrastructure clearly cannot fulfill the increasing needs of collaborations and communications across the centers.  To align with the company’s growth, Hanas adopted Microsoft Office 365 for all its international workers. Hanas reinforces collaborations with greater opportunities, simplifies communication process and integrates their business data with security. As a result, Hanas reduces operating costs and employees can better coordinate to delivery services across national markets.


The increased awareness of climate changes and other environmental deteriorations have led to a rising demand of green energy. Headquartered in Ningxia, China, Hanas Group has invested over millions of thousands to migrate the idea of “sustainable power” from the dependence of traditional power. The production facilities and corporate offices are well spread across different regions. Employees relies heavily on computer-mediated communication to ensure distribution-related procedures are supervised. However, the current portal and email system on Linux cannot provide enough capacity and effective channel for the grown business traffics. Hanas needs a solution that can empower employees to collaborate better and improve the managing quality on cross regional business processes. Nevertheless, the system has to scale with Hanas’s future growth with additional enterprise capabilities.


After evaluating different technological alternatives, Hanas decides to implement Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based system. Office 365 includes the professional cluster of Microsoft collaboration suites, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype for business backed with One Drive and the internal social platform Yammer. Hanas is confident to foresee an improved situation after the deployment of Office 365. Hanas chooses Microsoft Gold Certified Collaboration and Platform Partner, SOS Group Limited, in assisting the planning, deployment, migration and user adoption towards Office 365. With the consultancy of SOS, over 700 mail boxes are migrated precisely from Linux into Office 365 Exchange Online within a month. For the best identity integration with other existing enterprise systems, such as Cisco, YonYou ERP (and many others)   SOS team also leveraged Microsoft Azure AD and IaaS Platform as its Single-Sign-On platform for Office 365. . Lastly, SOS Group conducts end users training courses for Hanas’s employees to get familiar with Office 365 features and functions.  While the Office 365 and Microsoft Azure cloud platform continues to expand its capabilities, SOS Group has continuously appointed by Hanas as the group’s Microsoft cloud managed service provider since year 2014.

Accelerated and Accurate communication with mobility

Under the use of Exchange Online, Hanas employees enjoys speedy and quality email services. Exchange Online provides 50 gigabyte storage and it saves a lot of time from managing the email storage. Exchange Online is synced to any other devices including tablets and smartphones. Employees who works in powerhouse can check and send emails without worrying about any missed or unsaved emails. The reliable and consistent email service has granted a lot of convenient and ease in communicating with each other.

Improved cross stations collaboration

Skype for Business Online is useful for real time communication across different branches. Employees who work in powerhouse can easily make a call to the operational department in the operation office. A conference call can be held in anywhere. It stimulates the collaboration between employees and it acts as a catalyst to solve a problem – whenever a problem or a thought arises, opportunity to discuss is not a threshold.

Reduced operational effort

The ease of accessing by Single-Sign-On and advanced mailbox features can save employees’ effort on the operational perspective. Employees no longer waste time on minimal incidents like recovering a password for a specific account. Numerous operational concerns are eliminated and employees save their time in other productive areas.

Increased productivity

Less time is needed for communicating, collaborating and exchanging information with each other. At the same time, the quality of these activities significantly increases. Emails inflows and outflows are guaranteed and instant messages (IM) of Skype for business are speedy. Qualitative and quantitative information can be shared within employees easily by One Drive. Data lost is prevented by auto-sync in One Drive. Employees can work faster, safer and more effectively.

The Next Step

The formulation of future corporate workforce will emphasis on groups interacting and collaborating with each other. Exchange of information across nodes will foster a more effective global organizational coordination. On the other hand, big-data retrieval analysis and integration with enterprise applications are vital in business decision making.  Therefore, Hanas is planning for further integration of Microsoft Office 365 ‘s SharePoint, Yammer and Power BI with Azure Analytics and Machine Learnings. Hanas believes the series of collaboration advancements will strengthen connection of employees in the front force and back office.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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