Azure VMSS – A Guide for Configuring Infrastructure of VMSS using Azure Portal – 2

This post will guide you on how to use Azure Portal to deploy the necessary infrastructure components related to virtual machine scale sets (VMSS).

The primary milestones for the whole configuration will be:

1.         Create a new master VM for image prototype

2.         Take snapshot from the master VM

3.         Create disk from the snapshot

4.         Create VM from the disk

5.         Generalize VM to shared image gallery

6.         Deploy VMSS from shared image gallery

7.         Associate VMSS to load balancer

8.         Create a new VM from image gallery for prepare VMSS image version update

9.         Update VMSS image version

In the previous blog, I have walked through step #1 to #4, you can review my previous blog.

In this blog, I will focus on milestone 5, and will continue the remaining topics in the next post.

Let’s get started from step 5.

Before jumping to step 5, I need to mention the important thing about the prerequisite of VM generalization is only for Windows OS, so if you are looking for the Linux OS, you can directly start from step 5.

For Windows OS, you need to perform SYSPREP before the generalization in Azure Portal. Please login your VM and go to the path “C:\Windows\system32\sysprep\”, and please execute “sysprep.exe” as administrator, and perform the below setting:

Please wait until the VM is stopped, then you can start from step 5 now.

Step 5 – Generalize VM to shared image gallery

1Navigate to Virtual Machine -> Select Target VM which is used to be generalized -> Click “Capture”   *Please note that after the VM is generalized, the VM should be deleted as it is no longer to be available
2Follow the configuration below, under Gallery details -> Target Azure compute gallery -> select existing or create new
3Under Gallery details -> Target VM image definition -> select existing or create new, you can define the Publisher, Offer, or SKU in any texts.  
4Define the version number, then “review + create” For more information, you can perform the image replication to other region for backup or redundancy purpose.      
5Review the setting and create a custom image  

The above instruction is part of the main procedures for the VMSS infrastructure deployment in Azure Portal. I will continue discussing the next steps in the coming blog.

To learn more about the service and various features, refer to the VM Generalization documentation.

Generalize a VM before creating an image – Azure Virtual Machines | Microsoft Docs

If you are interested in exploring capabilities beyond the standard offering, please feel free to contact us at

Again, see you in the next blogs!

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