We have recently launched a new service offer – Transformation. Our transformation is aimed to help customer to accelerate the digital IT transformation including:

  • Completely or partially migrate your legacy IT infrastructure to the cloud
  • Modernizing your application by building a foundation with DevOps and CI/CD pipeline
  • Assist to transit your operation with hybrid cloud

There are three corresponding service offering to accelerate the transformation:

  • AzureReady
    • Design and build Hybrid Cloud environment
    • Hybrid networking to extend datacentre to Cloud
    • Azure Architecture Framework and Best Practice Adoption
    • Using Azure as DR Site
    • Migrate workload to Azure
    • Hybrid cloud backup environment
    • CIS Security Hardening on Azure foundation


As in previous blog, you may already know the capabilities and advantages of using Azure as backup solution and DR site.

And thus, we will focus to talk about other use cases in this blog.


Enterprise Azure use cases:

  • Hybrid Cloud Backup
  • Cloud As a DR Site
  • Workload Migration to Cloud
  • First Azure Adoption – Azure Framework and Best Practice Design
  • Extend DC to Azure – Azure Networking Design and Implementation
  • Dev/Test Environment on Azure
  • DevOps on Azure


Using Azure for building the Dev/Test environment is one of the most practical, key use cases for all the enterprise customers today.  There are so many benefits as follow:

  • Low risk high value – Zero investment on datacenter, hardware, software and link
  • Improving speed & agility – Faster Time to market
  • Better utilization of hardware (not ‘always on’) – Again, Zero investment
  • Testing multiple configurations – Cloud elastic
  • Easy for Load testing – Cloud elastic
  • Easy to replicate the production environment – Infrastructure as a code
  • Flexible to deploy the tested environment in on perm Production or Cloud
  • Cost benefits – pay as you go (PAYG), turn off in non-office hour!


If you like to know more about AzureReady program, please feel free to contact us or check the link below for more information. Thanks.

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