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Still remember the ransomware that encrypted all the files at your computer, department folder, company share drive?  Well, someone probably opened an email attachment that he/she should not have.  The encrypted data cannot be accessed until you pay the ransom!


Common Solutions:

  1. Antivirus software – protect your computer
  2. Education – train your employees in data security


  1. The antivirus definition may not catch up the ransomware version
  2. Someone who is educated will still click on the fake link, email attachment so called human error which is unavoidable


Another Solutions:

With Azure Site Recovery, a recovery point in Azure VM failover service let you choose the specific point to failover or create the same server with specific point in the isolated environment.  That means, you roll your file back to a healthy state.  Then you can access the data and/or copy it back from Azure!

Secondly, Azure Backup provides the Instant File Recovery service which allows you to mount a recovery point in the recovery services vault to a on-premises computer without restoring any data.  Very simple!  Mount, drive, open a file, verify and then restore (copy) it back!


Plus Bonus:

Not only the protect points of all your files but also the service(s) provided by your server –  imagine the server serves such as file sharing, hosting the web and printer services.  The image will become your disaster first aid kit and minimize the service downtime!



Compare to building your own backup and DR strategy with Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery, the cloud first aid kit help you find a good balance between cost and complexity.  Focus on the core business.  No worry about how to restore; where to restore; how long it will take to restore the service; or how much you have to pay the ransom!


Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup – Keep in mind:

  • No charge for replicated VM which is OFFLINE
  • No charge for data upload to Azure
  • No extra fee for Windows license


Here are what you paid for protecting a server with 500GB data at East Asia zone approximately:

Azure Site Recovery (ASR)

    • If no restore, only VM instance and storage to store your backup and/or replicated VM
      • Instance – around $200 HKD per month ($)
      • Storage – round $525 HKD per month
    • When critical incident (virus, fire etc.) happens:
      • Failover the VM to Azure for 8 hours: $20 HKD
      • Normal data access in 8 hours: $20 HKD

Azure Backup (7 years retention)

    • Storage for 7 years: ~$130 – 340 HKD per month
    • Instant access with normal usage: $20-40 HKD


So, you are talking about start with HK$130 a month for Enterprise grade data protection.

Disaster first aid kit will charge you extra HK$60 – 150 HKD depends on data usage and how much data you have to restore back to On-perm infrastructure.  No brainer, the cost for any data lost and downtime will be far beyond this number!


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