Data Migration in App Modernization

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In this session, we will look around one of the most important part in Applicaiton mode – Data Migration.

In Azure, you have serial choices for migration your data from on-premises to Azure cloud:

  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Database for MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • SQL Managed Instance
  • etc.

The frist question you need to ask – is my Database using SQL or NoSQL?

If you are using NoSQL, then probablily Cosmos DB and PostgreSQL services will be suitable for you.

For SQL there will be MySQL DB service for sure. And there is a service called SQL Managed Instance (MI). Azure SQL MI is can be enable frictionless migation for SQL apps and modernization in a fully managed service.

In the diagram, we can see that SQL MI need a delegated subnet for the service. Therefore, when planning to use SQL MI in migration you need to keep in mind that in the network architecture needs to provide a delegated subnet just for the SQL MI database.

In app modernization project using managed instance, we can enjoy a fully managed database with almost every engine compatibity with cloud environment. It provides high SLA (99.99%), 0 price for hardware setup and purchase, fully managed on cloud and highly scalable with security protection.

However, SQL MI only support in listed regions and may not be suitable if you need to fillful a number of compliance standards. If then, you may need to consider the Azure Database for MySQL/PostgreSQL.

For SQL database, you would need the MySQL version, and of course for NoSQL you may choose the PostgreSQL database. By using managed cloud database, you will never need to manually update your database engine, afraid of out-dated or end-of-support, the cloud will help to manage everything but you can still have the control of your resource and data. Plus, it could be totally scaliable without any hardware or maintance fees.

In the next session, we will continue to view on the most powerful database on Azure – CosmoDB in app modernization project. Stay tune.

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