To extend previous blog about the SOS Transformation program, we have received a lot of feedback to request the details of DevOps Ready. So, we will talk about the DevOps today as well as our DevOpsReady program.

DevOps evolved from existing software development strategies/methodologies over the years in response to business needs. Let us briefly look at how these models evolved and in which scenarios they would work best.

DevOps is a software development approach which involves Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Monitoring of the software throughout its development life cycle. These activities are possible only in DevOps, not Agile or waterfall, and this is why Netflix, Facebook and other top companies have chosen DevOps as the way forward for their business goals.


In order to enable customer to adopt the DevOps in their IT environment, we have prepared several enablement offer to accelerate the DevOps adoption for our enterprise customer. DevOps program offer four types of services to cover our customer needed from end to end.

DevOps Services:

  • DevOps Consultancy
  • DevOps Build Automation
  • DevOps Infrastructure Automation
  • DevOps Managed Services

DevOps is a big topic to be cover and we will come up a serios of DevOps in coming few blogs. Please feel free to contact us and talk with us.

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