Using Azure as DR Site


As in last blog, we have mentioned about backup cost and DR cost by using Microsoft Azure technologies. Microsoft Azure Site Recovery provide disaster recovery for your on-prem servers and VMs. A lot of customers asking how it charges, so today we are going to discuss the cost of using Azure Site Recovery as your DR site.

Configuring disaster recovery for VMs using ASR will incur the following charges:

  • ASR licensing cost per VM.
  • Network egress costs to replicate data changes from the source VM disks to another Azure region. ASR uses built-in compression to reduce the data transfer requirements by approximately 60 percent. (Apply to Azure VM only)
  • Storage costs on the recovery site. This is typically the same as the source region storage plus any additional storage needed to maintain the recovery points as snapshots for recovery.

ASR uses compression to reduce the data to be transferred from source region to target region and the compression ratio usually is around 50 percent. So, 40 percent of the total data changes will be transferred between regions, which comes out to be about 3 TB per month across all the 6 VMs. The sample cost calculator has all these charges listed.

In addition to the above costs, you will incur additional Compute costs for the VMs created as part of a disaster recovery drill using Test failover operation or the actual disaster recovery using failover operation. You also pay for any resources such as load balancers and public IPs created beforehand which are required for the application along with the VMs to work properly when failed over.

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