Microsoft Teams

Emergency communications and delivering relevant resources.
Access work files with Teams file tab.
Using the computer as an office phone.
Virtual meetings support collaboration.
Keeping remote work secure.

Virtual Meeting

Teams Meeting scales uo to 250 users per room and maximum 49 videos (active speakers) can be shown

Together mode makes interesting meeting experience and widely applied in training environment

Content sharing, instant message, polling and recording, etc… are all ready in Teams meeting

SOS_Smart Office_Microsoft Teams_a

Teams Voice

Simple Teams Certified SBC add-on plus Microsoft phone system add-on from E1 or E3 licenses

Standard Phone features such as autoattendant, call park, transfer call, delegation group (boss & security), transfer call, call forward, simultaneous ring, etc… are all ready in Teams voice

Reuse existing Teleco trunks (e.g. SIP or T1/E1) for in/out bound calling

Possible to do co-existing with existing PABX to cater the patch by patch migration

SOS_Smart Office_Microsoft Teams_Team Voice

Teams App - ASC Compliance Recording

Compliance recording for any Teams calling/ conference/ content sharing

Speech to text and analysis

Easy keywords searching and extendable to keywords alert, call monitoring, etc…

SOS_Smart Office_Microsoft Teams_ASC

Co-existing with PABX

Session Border Controller (SBC) gateway comes with different interfaces to integrate with traditional PABX via SIP/T1/E1/Analog trunks

Deployment can be upfront of PABX or behind PABX, depends on the migration plan

SOS_Smart Office_Microsoft Teams_PABX

Teams Apps

Build an Apps to cater

Simple Virtual Meeting Booking System

Annual Leave

Work From Home Request

Basic Admin workflow

SOS_Smart Office_Microsoft Teams_Teams Apps