App Modernization with AKS – Part 1, ACR

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What is AKS(Azure Kubernetes Service)?

You can deploy a coud-native kubernetes clusters by leveraging the advantage of Azure security, identit, cost effective and migration services.

By using AKS, we could migration our on-premises application with container technology.

If you are using source control platform like GitHub, GitLab or Azure Repos, you may consider to build a CI/CD pipeline in building your source to container image then upload to the Azure Container Registry. Azure Container Registry(ACR) is th place for storing the docker/containerized images and their yuml config file. With ACR, the AKS can directly pull the image from Azure platform and serve your applicaiton in ease.

We could reference this example pipeline to have a better picture in pipeline build. As we can see, almost any source repository can use to trigger the build process in CI/CD pipeline. After the pipeline is triggered, the Azure container registry will build the image by using Microsoft hosted agent or even you can provide your self-hosted agent to build your legacy application if your applicaiton is written in .NET 2.0 or older for example.

We could use the following PowerShell command to create the ACR:

# set this to the name of your Azure Container Registry.  It must be globally unique
$ACR = 'myContainerRegistry'

# Run the following line to create an Azure Container Registry if you do not already have one
New-AzContainerRegistry -Name $ACR -ResourceGroupName myContainerRegistryResourceGroup -Sku Basic

Ensure your ACR name is unique, the SKU standard and resource group.

After the successful build, you can find your image on the Azure Container Registry and process to the next step – connecting your AKS service to pull image from the ACR.

In the next session, we will discuss more detail on deploying your image to the AKS(Azure Kubernetes Service). Stay tune.

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