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App Modernization

Microsoft Jumpstart offering:

Modernize your existing legacy .NET framework with Azure Cloud and Windows Containers


  • App and Data compatibility check
  • Analysis and Assessment of current state


  • Propose, design and configure workflow & automation in CI/CD process
  • Source control and trigger event setup
  • Connecting your service to the DevOps pipeline, e.g. container, VM, app service

Container/App Service

  • Cloud resource provisioning and deployment
  • Applicaiton migrate to modern cloud native service like container (AKS, Container Apps) or App Service

12 factors for App Modernization

  1. Code Base
  2. Dependencies
  3. Config
  4. Backing Services
  5. Release, Build, Run
  6. Process
  7. Port Binding
  8. Concurrency
  9. Disposability
  10. Dev/PRD parity
  11. Logs
  12. Admin Process

Case Study

Migrate legacy .NET Application to Azure App Service.
AKS with Kong API for API service management

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