Room Booking System

Convenience, effective and an intelligent booking experience

Convenience Booking

UI integrated with Floor Plan and Equipment

Booking is an easy way

SOS_Robotic Process Automation RPA_b


Select date & equipme


Choose target room


Select date & equipme

Convenience Booking

Integrated with Customer AD

No need to remember extra account

Integrated with Outlook

Sync Room schedule to company calendrer

Email Reminder

No missing meeting anymore

SOS_Robotic Process Automation RPA_b

Convenience Booking

Door Panel with Real time Room Status

Full picture for different rooms booking status

Check in & out with

QR Code

Pin … etc.

Release room resource easily

SOS_Smart Office_Room Booking System_Convenience Booking_Convenience Booking

Effective Booking

Different user level for room booking

Admin, VIP, Normal User

Dashboard and Report for room usage

Late Come

No Show

Late Check-in … etc

SOS_Smart Office_Room Booking System_Convenience Booking_Effective Booking

Intelligent Booking

Integration with Sensor

Auto Check-in & out

Auto booking

Auto cancelling

Integration with Door Access

Auto unlock